Corporate Performance Management by k-42

The k-42 Network provides quality Corporate Performance Management consulting and training services throughout Europe. Our focus is assisting our clients with the task of efficiently and effectively organizing, analyzing, and leveraging the data within their corporate information systems. Simply put, we allow them to view the status of their business based on up-to-date, accurate information and then share that information company-wide.


CPM is an umbrella term that describes all of the processes, methodologies, metrics and systems needed to measure and manage the performance of an organization.


Corporate Performance Management mit K-42


Components of CPM include all the practices, technologies, methodologies and metrics used to gather and apply relevant information. CPM software includes forecasting, budgeting and planning functions, as well as graphical scorecards and dashboards to display and deliver corporate information.

Being responsible for profitability, growth, shareholder value, strategy, regulatory compliance, and investor relations, executives must prioritize strategic goals, modify plans based on financial and operational changes, and empower all stakeholders to make more calculated decisions.

Understanding changes to corporate performance requires monitoring, analysis, risk assessment, timely reporting, and action based on information coming from many different parts of the business – including external partners, vendors, and customers.



Many factors influence the performance of an organization, but none is more critical than the decisions people make every day. Those decisions depend, to a great extent, on the answers to three fundamental business questions:
 - How did we perform?
 - Where are the weak points? 
 - What to improve?



In an increasingly competitive world, the most effective organizations focus resources on strategies that promote growth and profitability. Do you have the proper insight and tools to align strategy with execution? By enabling a common view of information, k-42 can help you improve strategic planning, streamline budgeting and forecasting, improve accuracy and consistency of reports, develop intuitive profitability models, and support a culture that values fact-based analysis.